Monica Z Soundtrack

Soundtrack from the film Monica Z

The first review of the “Monica Z” soundtrack, recently released by Universal Music, has arrived.

Below is an abridged English translation – the full review follows in Swedish.

 The premier of the film about Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund is just under a month away. It is an amazingly good biopic about one of [Sweden's] greatest performers. (…)
Peter Nordahl has done a terrific job, both as a pianist and as a producer and arranger. (…)
…the generous string section is allowed to become both romantic and dramatic and could be mistaken for a Hollywood production (just listen to the way the strings and horns build up the song “En gång i Stockholm”). On that note, Peter Nordahl’s beautiful instrumental suite, which is the last track on the album, hints that he probably could make it as a composer  in the American film industry as well.

Review for the soundtrack for the motion picture "Monica Z"

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