Monica Z Soundtrack

The first review of the “Monica Z” soundtrack, recently released by Universal Music, has arrived. Below is an abridged English translation – the full review follows in Swedish.  The premier of the film about Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund is just under a month away. It is an amazingly good biopic about one of [Sweden's] [...]

“Monica Z” wins prize for Best New Nordic Film at The Norwegian International Film Festival

The jury’s motivation: An impressive, solid film in which the core story revolves around the personal cost of creativity and success. Period details are perfect down to the minutiae in colors, interiors, clothing and surroundings, and the way the film melds images and music has an “almost too good to be true-quality” about it.

Cannes Film Festival

Monica Z

Monica Zetterlund

Composing and producing the music for a coming feature film about Swedish jazz icon Monica Zetterlund’s life. For Stella Nova Film.